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Following graduating high school Charlie Kundinger left his small Wisconsin town for college.   After graduating college he enlisted in the US Peace Corps.  Following his 3 years’ Peace Corps experience in Berkina Faso, West Africa, he returned to the US and met his future wife.  They both returned to Sudan, Africa and served for two years in a rural development capacity.  Following that experience they returned to the United States and raised 3 children.  Charlie has owned and operated a home remodeling company for the past 32 years however for the past 15 years has slowly been transitioning to a second half of life career as an author. Charlie has always believed that transitions come with new opportunities personally and professionally.  There is potential for new ways to grow, to build better skills, relationships and adventure but we must commit to their gifts much like adventurers looking for treasures.  Charlie latest transition is from home remodeling to authoring a children’s book titled Wyatt’s Big Day.

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