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Are you ready to say hello to Wyatt, a
one-day old wood duck duckling?
Wyatt cracked open the egg in which he had lived for 28 days.  He then met his mother, brothers and sisters. 
Now to grow, he must leave his tree nest and explore his new, outside world.
He is a small duckling with large dreams but will he find the courage to leave his warm, cozy nest? 

“Grandma, read it again!” is what my 5 year old granddaughters said when I finished reading Wyatt’s Big Day. Wyatt’s inspiring story of facing fears to make the first leap of independence enthralled my granddaughters. The story offered opportunities to discuss facing fears of leaving the “nest,” just like my granddaughters had to face on the first day of kindergarten. This book was a pleasure to share with my granddaughters. It’s a new classic at my house!

Diane Windingland
Anna's Journey

This is the story of my ancestors, mainly a mother and her daughter who emigrated from Austria to America in 1903. These two women risked all to realize their dreams. They did so with unwavering faith, courage, perseverance, and the drive to create a better life in their new world.

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